Author: Heather MacKay

The Nature of Money


What we want is to create active income for a while. That’s cool. But then to get to the point where you work once and get paid, paid, paid, paid…..without having to work for that stream of income again. This is called passive income because rather than being an active participant in creating income, you can just sit back and be passive and the income will come in.

Trading Mentorship with Mark YEgge

Why You Might Need a Trading Mentor

Why You Might Need A Mentor The following article discusses the benefits of having a trading mentor:  Have you ever: Invested in a stock that “you were sure” was going to go up (but it didn’t)? Bought a stock and then bought more when it dropped, hoping that it would come back up…. but it…
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The Why The Vision Financial Freedom

The Why -The Vision – Financial Freedom

The Why, The Vision, Financial Freedom Achieving Financial Freedom – The Why If you have a big enough Why, you can overcome any How, says Tony Robbins. So, the first thing to do is to decide why you want to become an epic millionaire. Is it a dream? Is it peer pressure? Is it for…
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Money management skills

Why You Should Focus On Your Own Money Management

Why You Should Focus On Your Own Money Management So you want to be a millionaire, or at least wealthy or wealthier? Well then why aren’t you already? Maybe it’s probably because you haven’t figured out the strategies, or made a visual roadmap, or maybe just haven’t focused on the fastest way to your financial…
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