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Will you have enough for retirement?

Will You Have Enough for Retirement?

Do you ever ask the question; Will you have enough for retirement? You see, most people really don’t plan for retirement properly. Sure, they may have an IRA or a 401K or a 403B or maybe even a day-trading account or an account full of mutual funds. But most people just don’t know what to expect in retirement or how far their money will take them.

The Nature of Money


What we want is to create active income for a while. That’s cool. But then to get to the point where you work once and get paid, paid, paid, paid…..without having to work for that stream of income again. This is called passive income because rather than being an active participant in creating income, you can just sit back and be passive and the income will come in.

The Hacking Money Blog

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Compound Interest

Compound Interest: Could It Be Magic?

11 Passive Income Ideas

11 Simple Passive Income Ideas for Beginners There are two kinds of income that most of us strive to make: active income and passive income. The active income type is what we all know about: income from our job. But, real wealth comes from allowing our money to start working for us in the form…
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