Stock Trading Course Is Creating New Wealth For Americans

Is Your Personal Investment Portfolio Generating Higher Returns For Your StockBroker Than For You?

There aren’t many poor stockbrokers. They know how to make money by “managing” your money: brokerage fees, trade commissions, mutual fund transaction fees, sales loads, administration fees, and so on. Generally, you pay most of these fees to your financial advisor or stockbroker whether you are buying or selling, making money or losing money. Isn’t it time you said, “Enough already!”?

My name is Mark Yegge, and I am a hedge fund manager and author of the book, Hacking Money. I’ve taken all of my knowledge from Wall Street and applied it to a group of hedge funds that I manage with great results. I also apply it to the stock trading classes that I put together for other people, because I hate when people get taken advantage of by Wall Street. I want to teach people to hold on to their power when it comes to their finances.

Stock Trading Classes

Suppose you steadily invest your money with a traditional stockbroker, depositing a total of $180,000 over 30 years. Suppose you earn an average annual return of 7%. It’s not uncommon for your brokerage fees to total 2% of your portfolio value each year. At the end of 30 years, you will have paid out (lost) about $178,683 in fees. Say it again with me: “Enough already!” There is actually another study that says expenses average 3.41% overall. Uggh! (Remember, that’s YOUR money that foots this bill).

How do I know all this? Because for years I was a licensed broker in financial securities. I learned and lived by the Wall Street system. I eventually had my “enough already” moment. I applied what I learned from my decades of trading and investing and creating a new system for stock trading. The system is called Cash Flow Machine and I have built a stock trading course for people who want to earn more than average.

What you will learn in this stock trading course:

  • Learn three Wall Street money secrets
  • Watch real-life examples of “6% investments” in under 40 days
  • Get control of your investments (no more brokers)
  • I show you ways to create safe, consistent, reliable income.

From my 40-plus years of investing and trading experience, both with my own funds and in supporting my clients, I have refined this trading strategy to the point where I can very confidently share it with others. It has been proven to easily achieve 8%, 10% or even 20%.

Here’s the intention of the strategy I share in this stock trading course: Instead of swinging really hard and trying to hit the occasional “home run,” I show you how to hit “singles” over and over again. You can then take those “singles” and use the power of compounding to magnify your results. Then you protect your downside with a built-in hedging strategy – just like the big Wall Street traders use. Listen, I would not be selling this online stock trading course to strangers if I didn’t know that it works and if I didn’t apply its techniques with my own personal investments. It’s strategic, it’s logical, and it’s effective in generating above-average returns.

If you are serious about getting great returns on your investments (and I am talking about 8% to 20% minimum), then you really need to enroll in this class.

In this stock trading course, I give you strategies and tactics that aren’t taught through any other course that I know of. There has never been a better time than now to understand the workings of stock and bond markets. It’s time to learn.

You see, most of us give up power to people in charge. We do it with Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, CPAs and especially stockbrokers and financial planners. We do it because we think that they know more than we do. YES! They DO know more than we do – about how to sell you things; not about managing money.

During my 10 years on Wall Street, I never saw an emphasis placed on how to manage a portfolio. It was always about how to sell more. I never took a stock trading course on Wall Street but they made me get lots of training on selling. So, since they didn’t do much training in finance, if I wanted to help others understand the money game, I had to create my own stock trading course. So I did. And I am so proud of it.

I’ve taken over 40 years of experience and over $14-billion worth of trading experience in stock and options and put it into an easy-to-learn stock trading system. I call it the Cash Flow Machine Trading Course because it is all set up for you to get regular and reliable cash flow from a simple system.

I show you how you can take other peoples’ appetite for risk and turn it into your own advantage. I show you how that advantage becomes regular cash flow. But this stock trading ourse doesn’t teach you just how to trade stocks. No, this stock trading course and all of the video modules that come with it, teaches you how to trade stocks AND how to use options just like the big hedge funds on Wall Street that seem to make all the money.

Of course, there is way more to this stock trading course than I can cover here so, click here to get started learning the key concepts in The Cash Flow Machine.

My goal is to simplify learning. The financial world can be intimidating for a lot of people. There is emotion surrounding money. It’s the number one cause of divorce after all. Much of this comes from the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know. Wall Street WANTS you to believe that the money game is hard, but it isn’t. I just takes a little time to learn the key concepts that can have a drastic change in your results.

It’s like if you are first learning to golf. When I was 10 years old, my Dad took me golfing with him and showed my how to play golf. Only problem was: he wasn’t a very good golfer, but since he was the only role model that I had, I learned his bad habits. When I really wanted to learn how to play golf, I had to unlearn some of the bad habits I learned when I was “untrained.”

The same thing happens on Wall Street. We are programmed with lots of myths, that just aren’t good for us. Here are a couple:

Myth: You must invest your money in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds and ETFs. Really? I’ve studied the greatest investors of all time, and not a single one of them buys mutual funds. Imagine the great Warren Buffett buying mutual fund! No, Buffett concentrates on high quality investments and so should you.

Myth: Put your money in the bank to get a “safe” return on your investments. If you buy a CD at your local bank, today, you would be lucky if you got a 1% return in a year. If inflation is running at 3% a year, how can that be considered “safe?” It is a LOSING investment not a winning one. Again, when did you ever read that the great hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio, is putting his money into CDs (or even preferred or dividend stocks)? Never, because he knows that wealth is made in investments that Wall Street doesn’t put in the “safe” category.

Myth: Owning your own home is the American Dream. Well, is it? For most people, the bank really owns their home. But, when the roof leaks, does the bank come and put a new $25,000 roof on? Nope? Does the bank put in the new $8,000 Air Conditioning system in? Nope. So you get all of the payments, PLUS you get to spend all of the money on fixing things when they break. The bank just gets paid month after month. Here’s the kicker (and you’ll learn this in some of my stock trading courses) the bank carries your home on its books as an Asset. But, it’s listed on your Net Worth statement as a liability. An asset brings you money; a liability costs you money. So, you get to decide if that is the dream that you want. You gotta live somewhere, so owning a home might be the answer for you……Just decide for yourself if it is a dream.

So, in my stock trading courses, we spend some time debunking the Wall Street myths and installing newer, more empowering beliefs. We teach you the secrets that Wall Street doesn’t reveal. Wall Street makes a lot of money by using the concepts that I teach you in the Cash Flow Machine Trading Course, so they don’t want you to bypass them. So they keep it secret.

But I want you to know the secret.

Take my Trading Course that discusses some of these secrets and how you can learn them and use the knowledge for your own gain.