Trading Mentorship

Is A Trading Mentorship For You?

Are you new to the stock market? Want to learn how to trade? Or are you an experienced trader who is tired of losing money in the market? If so, having a trading mentor is a great solution. In fact, many top hedge fund managers and investors believe having a trading mentor is the KEY to success.

  • The great Warren Buffett was mentored by Benjamin Graham.
  • Legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones was mentored by Eli Tullis.
  • Multiple-time Investing Champion David Ryan was mentored by William O’Neil.

A trading mentor is someone with more experience than you in the area of investing. A lot of that trading experience may be different from your own. You must be willing to learn, to listen, to take advice – even when you don’t feel like listening. You have to be able to check your ego at the door when working with a trading mentor.

Trading is emotional and emotion is the ENEMY of the trader. So, a good trading mentor can help you check your emotions and not let them overrun your trading. A trading mentor can coach when you need it. Advise when you need it. Correct your course when you need it. Most of all, a good trading mentor can celebrate your wins with you.

Trading Mentorship Program

Included In The Program:

Cost of the program is $2,997 per month and you may cancel at the end of any month. Includes:

  • all course materials (Value $9,999)
  • personalized guidance of course materials (Value $2,000/mo.)
  • Trading Mentorship (Value: $4,000/mo)
  • First Month Value: $16,000

2 Types Of Mentorships: Amateur and Professional

Amateur Trading Mentors

To find an amateur mentor, you could go to local investor groups and find out who the “players” are there. Get to know them by taking them out to lunch and developing a relationship with them. See if they provide solid advice, are good teachers, and if they are in line with your trading style.

Then, ask them if they would be willing to mentor you and give you advice in your trading. Often, these relationships can turn out to be life-long friendships. Other times, the advice is not sound and the mentorship simply reinforces bad habits – and could ruin your trading. So, be diligent and careful when selecting your mentor from the local investment community.

Professional Trading Mentors

To find a professional trading mentor, you should be willing to pay for the good advice you receive. Basically, you get what you pay for. Since you are investing your money into the markets, a good mentor can pay for himself/herself many times over. A good trading mentor has the benefit of years of trading experience. He has taken large losses. He has made large gains. He has a system and can help you learn about yourself and your behavior within that system. He may even be able to help you save money by taking the early loss you may not have taken otherwise. Imagine having wisdom, experience and guidance as you navigate the rough waters of the stock or options markets. Without a mentor, you are on your own, without a guide. With a good trading mentor, you are a part of a winning team, building trading habits that can last a lifetime.   

Our Stock Trading Mentorship program is designed to teach you to become a Master Trader. We start with the basics through personal instruction and video-based training, so that you can learn the right way to trade. Then as your skills grow, we stay with you as you build upon the strategies you need to become successful. We show you the pitfalls, the strengths and the potential of your trading decisions. We provide a valuable sounding board for new trading ideas.

You’ll get education and personal sessions with a stock trading mentor. Our Stock Trading Mentorship Program is here to help you become a Master Trader, achieve your goals, and massively change your life.

What you will receive:

  • Direct communication with a trading mentor via phone, text and email
  • One-on-one mentorship by Mark Yegge and his team
  • Personalized education with your exact goals, skills and needs in mind
  • Real-time feedback about your trading ideas and strategies
  • Instant input if you are “dong something wrong” or even doing things right

Imagine gaining the experience and wisdom of Mark Yegge who has:

  • Over 40 years of investing experience
  • Has made “every mistake in the book”
  • Has applied over 120 years of research to hone his system
  • Operates a top hedge fund
  • Loves to help others become their best

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

There is no set time because it is mostly up to your ability to learn and implement. If you are novice trader, you will need some time to digest the education as you begin to implement it. For that reason, it may be best that you start with our online courses which are more cost-effective than mentorship, at least in the beginning stages. As you amass knowledge of yourself, your limitations, your strengths and your new knowledge, you will begin to apply more strategy to your trading and the importance of mentorship continues to increase. Even if you are advanced, you may still have to “unlearn” some bad habits that are holding you back. The stock trading mentorship is personalized and builds on itself AT YOUR pace and the goal is for you to continually make progress. You can stop the program at the end of any month of trading mentorship. But plan for a minimum of 3 to 6 months in the program with some members electing to stay in forever.

What should I expect once I get “through” the program?

The stock trading mentorship program was designed by Mark Yegge, with over 40 years of trading knowledge and having traded over $14-billion worth of securities (notional value). Mark is committed to helping you to become a Master Trader so that you can “live like nobody else can.” Great traders who have mastered the knowledge in the program may be invited to become Instructors on the mentorship team.

What is the structure of the program?

Although the course is personalized to you, there are still educational course modules that you will study to understand the rules and best-practices of the trading system that Mark Yegge uses. There is a curriculum that is delivered weekly via online courses and then a personal component of weekly mentorship whereby those concepts can be discussed as well as how they can be implemented in your trading.

Can I repeat a course?

There is no limit on the number of times that you can study the course and practice the curriculum. The self-study course is available to you 24 hours a day, and you may repeat the course as many times as you like during the Program.

Is the program better for experienced traders or beginners?

The trading mentorship program is personally customized to your needs – whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader who wishes to advance to the next level.

How do I pay for the mentorship program?

You may pay with PayPal, Credit card, or through a bank transfer. With a PayPal or a credit card used through PayPal, you can pay a recurring monthly payment, which you may cancel anytime if for any reason you wish to leave. If you prefer the bank transfer option, please email us to receive our corresponding bank details and more information (please use the Contact Form).

Do I get a refund of my tuition fees if I drop out of the Mentorship Program?

We are here for you. You will never be forced to remain in the program and you may exit at the end of any month. If you used PayPal, or a credit card through PayPal, you can cancel the next month’s payment in your online Paypal account. If you pre-paid for more than one month by using a wire transfer or any other payment option, we will refund you at the end of any month for any future unused period. Again, you may leave at any time. Yet, trading is an art AND a science. It is a process of constant growth. You must understand that mastering your emotions will take time and determination. You won’t wake up one day and say “Hey, I’ve learned everything that I need to know about trading.” That said, one of the first questions that we will ask when you join is: “are you willing to do whatever it takes (determination)?” We only want determined traders and will ask you to leave if we deem that you are not determined. Our goal is a 100% success rate and that takes both a great Mentor AND a great Mentee.

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