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Are You A Wealth Star?

Hi. I’m Mark Yegge, hedge fund manager and author of the book Hacking Money. I’ve been trading and investing for over 40 years as an Investment Advisor and CEO of a broker/dealer on Wall Street. If there’s one thing I know about, it’s wealth strategy.

Most people aren’t getting the life-changing results that they could because they don’t know what they don’t know about money. You may “think” that you are on the right track, but there might be some Wall Street strategies you’re not even aware of that could get you returns that are many times greater than what the average investor is getting right now. Let’s start by figuring out your Wealth Star score.

We’ve put together a few questions for you in this short quiz. It won’t take long. When you are finished you will have a profile that tells you how well you are doing in playing the “money game.” It will also reveal your financial personal and your favorite mode of “transport” to get you there. Finally, it will give you some pointers about how you can improve.

Get started by clicking the START MY QUIZ button now. I’ll see you soon.