Money isn’t taught in school. But we need it every day. This book simplifies saving and investing and helps you develop a personal plan for a great financial life. Inside you will find a blueprint to become a millionaire.

  • Understand the world of money
  • Start investing in your financial future
  • Create your own investing strategy
  • Choose investments that match your needs
  • Set up passive income streams so you don’t have to work

Learn how to invest in your financial future with this easy-to-use guide

No matter where you are in your financial journey, Mark Yegge’s no-nonsense approach to personal finance and investment strategies help you crank up your financial life. Covering critical concepts on retirement planning, investment options, and passive income strategies, Hacking Money makes it easy to invest in your financial future.

  • Get your feet on the ground — explore your investment choices, understand the risks and returns, and get your finances in order before you invest
  • Stocks and bonds — understand the workings of stock and bond markets, building wealth in the stock market, real-estate, and other investments
  • Real-estate — find out if growing wealth with real estate is right for you, whether investing in a home or other investments
  • Build Passive Income — identify ways to replace your working income with passive income – without waiting for retirement
  • Use the 5-Step Formula to get a handle on your entire financial life
  • Personalize — set up your own financial blueprint to abundance